Every year, Rhéo Thompson Candies  works with organizations just like yours to achieve their fundraising goals. 

We offer 2 options to choose from that work for fundraisers both big and small. To get started, review your options of Seasonal Fundraising and Mint Smoothie® Bar Fundraising. 

Once you’ve decided which option best suits your needs, you can either order your Smoothie Bars online or confirm your participation in our upcoming Seasonal Fundraiser.  

Mint Smoothie® Bar Fundraiser

  • Available year-round
  • Earn at least 27% profit on every bar you resell at $2
  • Available in either Milk or Dark Mint Chocolate
  • Fundraiser boxes include 200 bars
  • No minimum box purchase required
  • It may require up to 7 days to process
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Available for Easter and Christmas

Meet your fun-draising goals quickly and easily by earning at least 25% profits with your seasonal Rhéo Thompson Candies fundraiser. Here’s how you get started!



The last day to register for Christmas Fundraising is November 26th. Click the REGISTER FOR CHRISTMAS button below and complete the form by November 26th to ensure your group is able to participate. 

To ensure your orders are ready for Christmas, the last day for placing your order will be December 3rd. We will do our best to accommodate orders after this date based on product availability. It takes 2 weeks to fufill your order.

Fundraising orders must be picked up by December 17th at the latest. Orders are packed in bulk (i.e. all Santa Suckers together) and it is up to the organization to sort the product into individual orders.

Frequently asked questions

Can I order small quantities?

For our Seasonal Fundraisers, there are no minimum or maximum orders. We take a little longer to process these orders but that means you can get whatever quantities you would like. 

For the Mint Smoothie® Bar Fundraiser, we are only able to offer boxes of 200 at a discount. These are counted straight off the candy factory line so we are able to fill orders quickly and at a great discount for you. We do offer both Milk and Dark Chocolate but the boxes cannot be mixed as they are not made and sorted at the same time. 



How do I know what to charge for my fundraiser?

Each Fundraiser is unique and will have it’s own goals to achieve so we never dictate resell pricing for your organization. Instead, we have these suggestions:

For Mint Smoothie® Bar Fundraisers – reselling the bars at $2 per bar will earn you a 25% profit margin and $0.50 per bar. Resell prices generally are between $2 to $5 per bar depending on your location and fundraiser.

For Seasonal Fundraisers – you will find SRPs (suggested resell pricing) in the Fundraising Guide provided to you when you register. These SRPs are calculated to earn you at least 25% on each product you are selling but it is up to your organization to choose to use them. We provide Open Pricing Forms (in case you would like to set your own pricing) or SRP Forms for your use. 

How do I pay for my fundraising order?

Mint Smoothie® Bar Fundraisers require 7 day advanced ordering. They can be ordered and paid for in advance either online (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Visa Debit, PayPal) or over the phone (Visa, MasterCard, Amex). If you would like to pay at pickup (Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Organization Cheque), please place your order over the phone or by emailing at least a week before your intended pickup date. 

For Seasonal Fundraisers, we require 2 weeks to process your order from the date you submit. Email your completed Sales Summary Form to and our team will confirm your pickup date. Your order can be paid for in advance over the phone (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), or at pickup (Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Organization Cheque, Cash).  

Please note that ALL fundraising orders must be paid for before the product leaves the candy factory. 

Help, I need to add to my existing order!

Please call or email any of your order changes you might discover right away. We will do our best to accommodate them in a timely way based on product availability.  This means that sometimes in our busy seasons last minute adjustments may delay your pickup date. We are a small but mighty team and will do our best to keep your order on track!

Where do I pickup my fundraising order?

All fundraising orders should be picked up at our store at 55 Albert Street, Stratford, Ontario on your pickup date.

Once you have your pickup date (our team will confirm this with you when you place your order) please come to the store during our normal operating hours. Pre-paid orders can be done as a curbside pickup. If you need to pay for your order, please head into the store and head to checkout to let the Retail Sales Associate know your are here to pickup your order. ALL orders are filed under the organization’s name so be ready to supply that at pickup. 

Our Sales Associate will help you get checked out while another team member brings out your order. They will be happy to assist you with carrying the boxes to your car so please park as closely as possible. 

For larger orders, our team may ask you to pickup from the rear entrance and instructions will be provided to you at pickup. 

For online orders – you pickup date is 7 days from the date of your order unless otherwise arranged.

Can I ship my fundraising order?

This is a question we sometimes get. The simple answer is we don’t recommend it and here’s why: fundraising orders quickly become bigger than you realize and the weight adds up. Our courier partners charge us by the weight of your order so what seems like an easy order to ship.

For example, a 200 bar case of Mint Smoothies® is about 23lbs so to ship it anywhere in Ontario it would be an additional $34. If you are reselling your bars at $2 each and making a profit of $0.50 per bar, you need to sell 68 bars just to cover the cost of shipping. As you can see, it quickly eats up your fundraising profits. 

If you are needing your order shipped, we can put together a quote for you and let you decide.