Christmas stockings hung on the fireplace.

Rhéo Stocking Stuffers

Christmas stockings hung on the fireplace.

RTC Stocking Stuffers




Santa’s not the only who knows how to stuff a stocking! Here at Rhéo Thompson Candies we’ve spent the last 50 years making your favourite treats and it just so happens they fit perfectly into a Christmas stocking. 

So to make your holiday shopping that much easier, we’ve compiled a quick list of the best stocking stuffers to grab from our RTC online store. There are always a few gifts that are only available at our Stratford store so make time to stop by and see our winter wonderland!

Milk Chocolate Balls

Hot Cocoa and Chocolate Spoon

Hot Cocoa & Chocolate Spoon

Single serving of gourmet hot chocolate and a chocolate spoon for mixing.

$3.40 (+HST)

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Milk Chocolate Santa Sucker

Milk Chocolate Santa Sucker

Our famous milk chocolate molded into the shape of Santa’s face. Perfect for snacking on the go!

$2.25 (+HST)

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Holiday Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Holiday Bark

Our Holiday Bark showcases the decadent flavours of the creamiest white chocolate and finest hand-made hard candy. You’ll be amazed how we’ve captured the holiday experience – complete with red and green sparkle.

$10.75 (+HST)

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Dark Chocolate Balls

Dark Chocolate Foil Christmas Balls

Our signature dark chocolate balls wrapped in various festive foil colours. Perfect for a Christmas stocking stuffer or a wonderful hostess gift.

$10.95 (+HST)

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smoothie collection

Essential Smoothie Collection

Essential is right! One of each of our Smoothie Bars – Milk Chocolate Mint, Milk Chocolate Orange, Milk Chocolate Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Mint – in one convenient package. Each bar is 49g.

$8.95 (+HST)

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Mint Smoothie Coffee

Mint Smoothie® Coffee

The one-of-a-kind flavour of our decadent Mint Smoothies® combines perfectly in this rich coffee blend to give you a sweeter start to your day. In partnership with the Baden Coffee Company, bags of grounds roasted from sustainably produced coffee are available by the pound.

$5.25 – $17.95 (+HST)

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Mini Nail File Set

The perfect stocking stuffer always comes with a sweet treat and something fun and the Mini Nail File Kit does just that! Choose from a variety of Christmas characters on your adorable mini nail file kit which comes in a matchbook-style selection of mini nail files along with a Milk Mint Smoothie® Bar.

$4.95 (+HST)

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foil wrapped chocolate Santas

Milk Chocolate Foil Wrapped Santas

What happens when you take our classic milk chocolate and press it into bite-sized Santas? A very merry time! Each chocolate Santa isfoil-wrapped so each treat is like a little gift.

$10.95 (+HST)

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Holiday Growers

They may start small, but these Christmas Growers make a big impact! In your Christmas Growers Kit, you’ll choose from 4 classic Christmas characters – Santa, Reindeer, Penguin, Snowman – who grow four times in size when you add water! In addition. You’ll also get some snacks to enjoy while your character grows, including a Mint Smoothie® Bar and four foil-wrapped milk chocolate Santas.

$9.95 (+HST)

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treasure chest

Treasure Chest

This rich treat of milk chocolate coins in a clear treasure chest means you’ll strike gold with this gift! The RTC logo is carefully pressed into these edible coins which are finished with a gold foil wrapping. It is the kind of currency we love to tender!

$8.95 (+HST)

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