Time to Treat Yourself!

We’ve all survived the holidays and now we’re looking ahead to what 2016 will bring.
For our Production Team, their current focus is replenishing all the empty shelves in the store and gearing up for February 14th. That means heart-shaped Mint Smoothies®
and chocolate-dipped strawberries. A delight we all anticipate mid-winter.

The breaks between holidays are extra short this year since Easter is a mere 6 weeks following Valentine’s Day. Hopefully the spring weather won’t be far behind and we can celebrate the tulips and daffodils in bloom as well as the resident swans parading down to the Avon River following their winter hiatus.

While you’re dreaming of Chocolate Bunnies and Easter festivities, why not treat yourself to one of our newest items – Gourmet Dessert Topping, available in two scrumptious flavours.
The Dark Chocolate is rich and decadent, ideal over ice cream or stirred into your best brownie recipe.
Salted Caramel flavour is a popular request and this topping can be drizzled over cheesecake, apple pie or a nice addition to your favourite hot beverage.

There’s no doubt there are many different options for enjoying this new item, even if it’s as simple as right off the spoon!
All jars are 230ml. Try them both and tell us which one you prefer and share your ideas for baking and desserts with these toppings.

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