For the past 52 years, Rhéo Thompson Candies Ltd. has been cultivating a tradition of creating delicious candy, decadent chocolates, and unique sweets for customers from around the world. Here’s how you can become part of our team!

What we’re about

Family-owned and operated

We’ve been a small, Canadian owned and operated business since 1969. 

Quality confections

We make 152 varieties of chocolates and candies for customers to enjoy!

Exquisite gifts

Our signature hand-wrapped gift lines bring customers of all ages to our store.

Sustainable cocoa

We’re committed to sourcing chocolate made with only sustainable cocoa. We also believe in using the best local ingredients whenever possible. 

Community support

We are proud members of the Stratford community and are involved on many philanthropic levels with local initiatives.

Taking care of our team

We’re truly a family here at Rhéo Thompson’s and pride ourselves in taking care of our team members. 

team member

We make but one thing and we do that well, “CANDY”