Christmas Shipping Currently Unavailable

Thank you for taking the time to visit us here at Rhéo Thompson Candies. We, like so many small businesses have had navigate this pandemic to the best of our abilities. This week we were told by our courier partners that due to the sheer volume and demand for courier services that they would be limiting the number of packages that can leave our candy store every day. 

As a result, we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily suspend taking further shipping orders (by phone, email and online) until the couriers have been able to catch up and we are able to provide deliveries with more certainty. We are not in the business of disappointing our customers and we truly feel that taking orders we cannot get to you is just that – disappointing. 

Here is everything you need to know about how you can still get your holiday favourites during this Covid Christmas!

How can you still enjoy Rhéo’s this holiday season?

Although we are currently unable to take shipping orders, we can offer;

  • Instore shopping
  • Curbside pickup
  • Retail partners who carry our candy

In-store shopping at Rhéo’s

In-store shopping is available from 9am to 5:30pm Monday through Saturday. We’ve even opened up a pop-up store just two doors down to help everyone shop at a safe social distance. 

We’ve also implemented a number of safety protocols to make your shopping experience and safe and pleasant one. 

Curbside pickup 

Not able to visit us in-store? That’s okay. Why not preorder and pay for your sweets in advance and we can have them ready and waiting for you when you arrive. 

Order online by selecting Pickup during your checkout and using the date tool to let us know when you are coming. We need a couple of days to make your order up so please be sure to order 2 days in advance. 

You can also place your curbside order over the phone but we will still need a little time to get your treats made so please provide two days notice for your order. 

Retail Partners

We are lucky enough to work with a number of small independent businesses who carry a selection of our products. They often carry your favourite box of chocolates and might even be right in your community. 

As they are experiencing high volumes of traffic we also recommend giving them a call or visit their websites to see if they have what your are looking for. 

find a reatil partner

Some simple facts

10 min

average wait time to get into the store


customers in the store at a time


busiest day with longer wait times


slowest time of day for visitors


I already placed my order - will it still be coming?

Most definitely! Orders are taking 7 to 10 days for us to make and get out with the courier. You’ll receive a completed email when we are done packing it up and another once the courier has it with your tracking code. You can use that tracking code to find out when your parcel will arrive.

I never received a tracking number!

If you received your confirmation email from your online order you will receive the follow up emails as soon as your parcel is ready. Sometimes they end up in your junk or spam folders so check there first.

If you haven’t received any email confirmations it could be that your email was entered incorrectly during checkout OR that all of your confirmations have ended up in your junk mail folder. 

Once you have checked your email but not been able to find these confirmations, please feel free to give us a call at 1-888-271-6910. One of our team will take your information and a member from our shipping department will be in touch with the information you need. 

I phoned my order in but didn't get a tracking number emailed to me.

Sometimes this gets missed during your phone order or entered incorrectly when we manually input it into our system. Shoot us an email to with your Name, Date of Order, Name of the Recipient, and Recipients Full Address and we will send you a tracking code (if available) as soon as possible – usually within 24 hours. 

My tracking number indicates there is a problem with my delivery. What do I do?

Once your package is with the courier we are unable to see more information than what is provided to you on your tracking page. 

If there is an issue you need to address, we advise contacting the courier directly. We are happy to help as much as we can but our information remains limited at this time. 

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