Our Chocolate

canadian candymakers since 1969

Welcome to the realm where we make but one thing well, CANDY. Our goal is to make the finest of products using ingredients of the freshest and highest quality. We bring to you an incredible variety of hand made chocolates, hard candies, specialty nuts, nutty pop, and much, much more. Our chocolates are hand packaged in exquisite gift boxes and beautifully gift wrapped for any occasion. (And if we don’t have the wrapping you want, just ask us, and we’ll do our best to meet your request.)

You can select from over 100 different kinds of chocolates! Our famous Mint Smoothies come in creamy milk or bittersweet dark chocolate, both accented with a delicate mint flavour. We offer an assortment of soft creams, chewy caramels, fruit slices, and specialty nuts, encased in creamy milk or velvet dark chocolate, according to your preference.

Our hard candy is made from high quality raw ingredients. You can enjoy the lingering flavour of Licorice, Butter Cream, Humbugs, Horehound, Butterscotch, Spearmint, and Cinnamon drops.

Consider our nutty pop, if you yearn for popcorn coated in luxurious caramel, enhanced by chewy pecans and almonds.

Our fresh roasted selection of nuts, such as Spanish Peanuts and Cashews will tantalize your olfactory and savory senses of smell and taste.

If your fancy lingers on peanut brittle, you will find ours to be flavourful and snappy, reflecting the purest of ingredients.

Our fruit jellies, all coated in sugar for easy handling, carry the tangiest of fruit flavours: raspberry, strawberry, lime, orange, and lemon.

sustainable Cocoa Initiative

Rhéo Thompson Candies is proud to be a part of the World Cocoa Foundation which supports and promotes a sustainable cocoa economy that benefits the farmers and the users. To find more information about the initiative, visit www.worldcocoafoundation.org

Our chocolate is purchased through Cargill. The Cargill Cocoa Promise (CCP) is their commitment to improving the lives of cocoa farmers and their communities, and, in doing so, securing a long-term supply of cocoa. For detailed information about this initiative, visit Cargill’s website.

The World Cocoa Foundation’s CocoaAction strategy brings the world’s leading cocoa and chocolate companies together to accelerate sustainability and improve the livelihoods of 300,000 cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana by 2020.

Cargill is proud to be a member of CocoaAction. It represents an industry effort to coordinate all stakeholders – farmers, suppliers, manufacturers, governments, and others – in cocoa sustainability in origin countries. The benefit to our customers is clear: by working in this industry-wide initiative, we are working towards a sustainable supply of cocoa for future generations.

  1. CocoaAction is made up of two interconnected packages:
    a productivity package that consists of training, new planting material, and fertilizer, and
  2. A community development package that is focused on education, gender parity, and child labor.

CocoaAction will be measured through adherence to six key performance indicators, and progress will be publicly reported on a regular basis.

caring for our chocolate

Chocolate, when not stored properly, can lose its richness and flavor and may become stale. It is very sensitive to humidity and temperature. Proper storage and packing is needed to preserve its freshness and wonderful taste and aroma. The ideal storage temperature for chocolate is between 15°C and 17°C with a humidity that is less than 50%.

Chocolate also easily absorbs aroma and should be stored separately from other foods, especially those with strong aromas such as herbs, spices, onions, garlic, and meat. This is the reason why chocolates should be carefully and tightly wrapped in foil or plastic wrap, so as to avoid absorbing moisture and other foreign elements.

Avoid blooming effects

When storing chocolates, ensure that it is wrapped in foil or plastic and kept in an air tight container. Choose a relatively dark place for storing the chocolate that is inside the container, in an area that will not be hit by direct sunlight. Besides melting and deforming, high temperatures can cause the chocolate to have what is called a “fat bloom” effect. This is when the oil or fat from the cocoa butter rises to the surface.

Do not refrigerate or freeze the chocolate unless you intend to preserve it well after the indicated expiration date. Refrigerating or freezing the chocolate will cause it to discolor and develop an unwanted effect called “sugar bloom.” This happens when the chocolate absorbs too much moisture from the low temperature in the refrigerator and develops a whitish discoloration, a result of the sugar crystals rising to the surface. Temperature fluctuations can ruin the chocolate’s nice presentation, texture, and color.

If you must refrigerate…

If you live in an area with unpredictable weather where the temperature can rise above 30 degrees and drop below 10°C, then the best alternative is to refrigerate your chocolates so that it does not suffer from the temperature fluctuations and can be stored at a constant temperature. Before you refrigerate however, make sure that you keep the chocolate wrapped in its foil and placed inside an airtight container or sealed plastic bag so that it does not absorb the odors and moisture from the refrigerator.

Before eating or using as an ingredient for cooking, let the chocolate return to room temperature and unwrap it only after it has thawed.

For aesthetic purposes

Blooming effects do not affect the chocolate’s taste and edibility. Sugar or fat bloom in chocolate does not indicate that the chocolate is spoiled or old. In fact, even with blooming, it still retains its flavor. The chocolate only becomes visually and texturally unappealing but it can still be eaten and enjoyed, as well as used for baking. Dark chocolate that has had a blooming effect can be melted and remolded to restore its original texture and appearance. Storing chocolates in the right temperature is mostly for aesthetic purposes, which is a big part of experiencing chocolate at its finest.