Christmas Fundraising Information

Are you wanting to fundraise with the Mint Smoothie® Bar only?

If your organization prefers to fundraise by selling our famous Mint Smoothie® Bars only, we have the Mint Smoothie® Fundraiser Box option and you do not need to be registered for the Seasonal Fundraiser Programme. If this is the case and you have already registered, please email us at as another organization can take your spot.  

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What happens next…

  • A confirmation email with your support materials will be arriving shortly BUT you can also download all of the forms below.
  • The email will include Product Catalogues to share with your buyers, Order Forms for your team to track sales and all the deadlines you’ll need to be aware of during your fundraiser.
  • The last day to submit your order is November 15th, 2023 so give yourself lots of selling time!
  • If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach contact us at
Download the 

2023 Christmas Fundraising Guide

This is the Guide that explains:

  • how the programme works
  • all important deadlines
  • what products are included AND
  • how to price your products (Suggested Resell Pricing versus Open Pricing)

Read through the Guide and get started by downloading the forms below. 

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setting up your pricing structure