Warm Weather Shipping at Rhéo Thompson Candies

It’s takes minutes

for your chocolate to melt in a hot car, in a shopping bag, or even near a sun facing window.

Although melting your chocolate won’t affect the taste, it certainly can change your experience of your treat. Here’s everything you need to know about how we beat the heat at Rhéo’s. 

Keeping it cool

Here are the extra steps we take to keep your treats cool during the summer. 

If for any reason we feel the elements will affect your purchase in transit, we will send you an email or give you a phone call with options for receiving your order.

These precautions help ensure that your confections will arrive in perfect condition for you to enjoy!

Our insulated bag

The reusable Rhéo Thompson’s Insulated Bag adds an extra layer of heat protection for you and is perfect for continued use at the grocery store, for picnics and for restocking at Rhéo’s.

Our insulated bags are also available to purchase instore with an ice pack to ensure your treats make it home safely.

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Warm Weather Rate Chart

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Shipping weights are in pounds (lbs).

Shipping Destination

0-5 lbs

5-10 lbs

10-20 lbs

Stratford City Limits









Warm Weather Friendly Treats

These treats are not susceptible to the effects of hot weather and can be shipped without our warm weather precautions. When shopping online, these items will be charged our regular shipping rate which is automatically calculated at checkout as long as there aren’t regular items in your cart. 

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