Transporting Chocolate in Warm Weather

We frequently have customers in our store, reading and laughing at our Chocolate Soup recipe:

Chocolate of your choice

Mix with:
One warm or sunny day
One long walk around town

Bake mixture in car trunk or sunny backseat

And when you arrive home … Chocolate Soup is ready to serve!

It only takes a few minutes for chocolate to melt. We appreciate your patronage and hope you will enjoy and share your treats. To avoid disappointment, we suggest bringing a cooler  and ice pack when picking up orders or shopping before the theatre. We have insulated cooler bags and ice packs available for purchase, as well.

When shipping, your purchase is picked up by a driver, placed in their vehicle and transported to a sorting depot before being loaded onto another truck for delivery to you. To protect your purchase, an additional $12.00 is added to your order for the re-useable, insulated bag and ice pack.

If for any reason we feel the elements will affect your purchase in transit, we will send you an email or give you a phone call with options for receiving your order.
Please help us avoid Chocolate Soup!

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